Many people take vitamin C for general health or to boost their immune system. It’s also taken to treat vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in our diet. It has many important roles our body’s immune function, including wound healing, preventing damage to cells, building collagen.

It can help with Heal wounds

Maintain and repair damaged skin and cartilage

Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Brighten up complexion 

Even skin tone

Reduce the appearance of dark spots

Prevent premature aging

Lack of Vitamin C can cause swollen and bleeding gums, fatigue, poor wound healing, joint pain, loose teeth, colored spots on the skin.

Adding a boost of vitamin C to your skin can not only brighten your complexion but also protect against skin damage caused by sun exposure and harmful free radicals.


Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient that is soluble in fat. It plays a number of roles in your health, including strengthening your immune system and bones. You can get vitamin D3 from sunbathing, but this can damage your skin and increase your chances of skin cancer. Ideally, you should be supplementing vitamin D3 via injection. 

Benefits of Vitamin D injections include:

Improved immune system

Improved moods

Strengthened bones

Reduced risk of pelvic floor disorders

Improved Pre-Diabetes symptoms

Reduced risk of Hypertension

Fights infection and disease

Improves symptoms of depression

Helps with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)


A vitamin B12 injection can bring on immediate health benefits. It increases energy levels and concentration, may improve metabolism, boosts the immune system, and aids in restful sleep. B12 is a critical vitamin involved in very important processes in your body like energy production and metabolism. 

B12 Injections can:

Increase your energy levels & fights fatigue

Improve your metabolism

Help aid in weight loss

Help improve sleeping pattern

Reduce brain fog

Increase concentration & mood

Boost your immune system

May increase hair growth or stop hair loss

Reduces risk of heart disease, vision loss & infertility


Not only is biotin important for the processing of our food into energy, it also helps support healthy hair, nails and skin and can assist in the re-growth of healthy skin and hair in those who are deficient in the vitamin. Biotin helps maintain many of your body’s major systems. Like other B vitamins, biotin helps your body use enzymes and carry nutrients throughout the body.

Biotin can provide the following health benefits:

Strengthen Nails, Skin & Hair

Increases hair elasticity

Decreases split ends & breakage

Increases nail growth & strength

Improves appearance of the skin